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El Vino

7,7 (15 reviews)

What people say of El Vino

(15 reviews)
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2.0 Cuisine 2 | Service 2 | Atmosphere 2

Onvoorstelbaar dat mensen hier nog punten aan geven. Wat is hun referentiekader? Het eten was van abominabel niveau. Overdreven gastvrijheid tot het ongemakkelijke af. Glibberige smerige vloer. Na het bezoek gelijk alle kleren en jezelf grondig wassen, je zit midden in de keukenwalm!

Harold at 24 May 2019

5.3 Cuisine 6 | Service 6 | Atmosphere 4

In tegenstelling tot eerdere reviews vonden wij dit een echt toeristenrestaurant, met matig eten, behalve de Fajita kip , die vond ik heerlijk. Fijn was dat we met een deal waren en wel van de hele kaart mochten kiezen. De bediening was vriendelijk, maar wat overdreven, wat even leuk was, maar later niet meer.

E at 17 April 2019

7.3 Cuisine 8 | Service 8 | Atmosphere 6

Klein restaurant, heerlijk eten. Beetje overdreven gastvrijheid. Af en toe werd de deur open gezet, waardoor het tochtte.

Aart Kraak at 06 March 2019

"Klein maar fijn!!"
7.0 Cuisine 7 | Service 7 | Atmosphere 7

Gezellig klein restaurant. Ruim gesorteerde kaart. Heerlijk eten. Vriendelijke bediening. Af en toe Komen de bak en kook geuren wel erg binnen zodat het soms wat benauwd wordt. Ze doen de deur dan wel even ope
Alleen je kleding ruikt na die tijd wel heel erg naar eten en moet of gelucht og gewassen worden.

Jet at 24 November 2018

8.7 Cuisine 8 | Service 10 | Atmosphere 8

Klein maar leuk restaurant. Het eten was prima. Goed advies. Bediening was goed en vriendelijk

L.van Rengs at 31 October 2018

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Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 51 1017 NG Amsterdam

About El Vino

The deep connection between the heritage and culture of a place and its food is undeniably one that lends some credence to the saying 'What you eat is who you are'. For us laymen to deduce a country's identity by studying what their culinary habits are seems a little far fetched, but believe it or not, there are plenty of experts and analysts who have dedicated their lives to studying this correlation. Mexican cuisine stems from a long and varied history and throws a lot of light on some of the turbulent times this culture has had to face. 

Mexican food and culture has had a long standing symbiotic relationship of sorts that adds tremendous personality to the study of this fascinating race. The study of Mexican history and its culinary culture goes hand in hand, and it would be a fairly tough endeavor to carry out one without the other. The origins of Mexican cuisine can be traced back to the Mayan civilization, who firmly believed that the richness of food can enrich the spirit and body of a person through various sensory perceptions like taste, smell, and touch.

Traditional Mexican meals include a wide use of chocolates, peanuts, tomatoes, beans, and vanilla. Combining this with the specialty cuisines of European conquerors (namely the Spanish) including wine, cheese, pork, beef, and lamb, Mexicans have created a food culture that combines the elegance of folklore and the pragmatism of modernity. It is widely believed that Mexican food is extremely spicy, but this is true only to a certain extent.

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