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Oudezijds Voorburgwal 197 , 1012 EX Amsterdam

A 'Grand' transformation for Restaurant Bridges

The living room for the Amsterdammer

Restaurant Bridges has been totally redesigned. French interior designer Christophe Daudré has turned this modern seafood restaurant in Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam into an even more inviting, elegant and convivial dining hotspot. The festive opening took place on Monday, 31 August.

While Paris is famous for its Eiffel Tower, tourists come to Amsterdam to see its canals. Michelin star Restaurant Bridges is located on the oldest canal in Amsterdam where the movement and reflections of the water were the source of inspiration for the designer in charge of this project. The result is an intimate atmosphere in what used to be the cafeteria of the former city hall.

A highly acclaimed designer
The interior design was created especially for Bridges. The comfortable seating came from Daudré himself. The mirrored panels decorated with gold and metal were created by German haute couture mural designer, Susanne Köhl. The gracefully elegant lamps were devised by Ombre Portée (designer duo: Éric de Dormael and Agathe Tiret), a firm with clients such as Chanel and Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

Excellence for all Amsterdammers
The new Bridges is proof that even a Michelin star restaurant can provide a very relaxed dining experience. Bridges is the place where every Amsterdammer feels at home: a restaurant with good service, hospitality and conviviality. A place to enjoy the spectacular pairings of seafood and wine created by another winning pair: Chef de Cuisine, Andrès Delpeut and the recently appointed Wine Director, Lotte Wolf. Bridges: a dining experience to delight all senses.

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food: 10 service: 10 ambience: 8
mooie balans van smaken en consistenties, heerlijk geluncht


food: 10 service: 10 ambience: 10
Er was wat miscommunicatie: 1 persoon zat in afwachting van de ander aan de bar en de ander in het restaurant. Uiteindelijk elkaar toch gevonden na 20 minuten. Lunch was superbe. Voor herhaling vatbaar.

"Great food in nice setting"

food: 8 service: 10 ambience: 10
Thanks to Restaurant week that we get a chance to try this Michelin Star restaurant in the Hotel Grand, Amsterdam. Service was friendly enough, though no exceptional simply because it is a 5*hotel so you would expect it to have that high standard. Food was great and with the promotion, makes it value for money. However i noticed the size of the food served is incosistent. The table next to us had much bigger slice of the cod fish and mine was extremely small. It's such a big difference that's why it's so obvious. Usually michelin standard has to be exactly the same. Food has alot of Japanese influence, while the food has been delicious, it felt more like dining Japanese food to me. I have travelled alot and also eat around the world, been to Japan a few times so the taste brings back memories of Japan. Was surprised, not sure if that's what the chef is trying to create: japanese food that is?

"Very good experience overall"

food: 10 service: 10 ambience: 8
Very good experience overall

"Heerlijke lunch"

food: 9 service: 10 ambience: 10
Erg goed, alles klopt

"Heerlijk, heerlijk en heerlijk!"

food: 8 service: 10 ambience: 8
Heerlijke gegeten in een ontspannen sfeer en een fantastische bediening!

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